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Help! My Bus Route Won’t Grow!

In January, I wrote an article and shared a poem entitled, “Through the Eyes of a Bus Worker.” I received many encouraging notes and e-mails regarding the article. One of the e-mails was from a teenage bus worker in Iowa, inquiring about suggestions to help her bus route continue to grow and expand in its influence. This e-mail came into my inbox about an hour before one of the bus captains in our church stopped by to ask some questions about his route relating to the organization and growth of his route.
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Through the Eyes of the Bus Worker

Across our nation, there is an army of tens of thousands of faithful, godly servants who quietly serve our Savior in the bus ministry. They are on the front lines in the spiritual battle for the souls of the next generation. They are the green berets, the special forces of God’s army, getting their hands dirty, giving of their time and money to make a difference in a little boy or little girl for whom no one else seems to care.

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New Life on Your Bus Route!

New Life On Your Bus Route!

Is your bus route slumping or jumping in this summer of 2009? Have you seen an increase or a decline in the number of riders, visitors, salvations, baptisms, and other spiritual decisions on your route? Are you and your workers more excited than ever about the work God has called you to do, or do you find yourself discouraged and unmotivated?
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“So, What’s New?”

When greeting a friend, people will often ask, “So, what’s new?” The start of a New Year gives us the opportunity to take a look at our life and ministry and ask this same question of ourselves. What have you planned and implemented that will improve you and your service to God in 2009? We are still at the beginning of the year. If God tarries in His coming, you still have more than 300 days to serve Him and make a difference for eternity.

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Love Is The Key

‘And of some have compassion, making a difference” – Jude 22

I love new ideas! I love to harvest ideas from people, books, other churches, conferences, and any other source I can find. As the church bus director at North Valley for the past six years, I enjoy going to our weekly Saturday bus meeting to give and receive different ideas that are helpful in the bus ministry. However, I think too often in our ministries, we have a tendency to look for the next best idea, method, or technique in order to see
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