Chelsey Lennon

lennon_chelseyI grew up in a single parent home, faithfully attending a Presbyterian church with my family. I realized early on that I was a sinner in need of salvation. However, because of the doctrine of the church which taught I could lose my salvation, I always struggled with being good enough for God, always fearing His disapproving frown.

By the time I reached high school, my mother had left the church and was seeking another church to attend. She found a church that was decent enough, but it was already too late. I wouldn’t ever be good enough to get to heaven, so I accepted the fact that I’d die and spend hell in eternity. I deserved it, after all. So I set my sights on enjoying the life I had which, to be honest, had no joy without Christ. My eternal destination being hell continually plagued me, and I had many nightmares concerning it.

In my group of friends was a girl named Meagan who often went to church via the bus ministry. I remember going to a sleepover at her house with a group of other friends, and we attended church the next morning. I spent the service sleeping in the pew. As the days passed, Meagan and I became closer in our friendship; and I was exposed more and more to church. Still, I wasn’t getting any closer to God than the first time I visited the Lompoc Valley Baptist Church. At times, Meagan and I would have discussions about salvation; but I never would agree with her that salvation was something that was eternally secure.

One day after school while at her grandma’s house, Meagan expressed to me her desire to be a better Christian. I told her that if she wanted to serve God, she had to do it now. I told her to drop everything else and go for Him. In my heart, I knew that it very well meant that she’d have to drop me as well. We went to our respective homes, and I can still remember walking into my home that day. The house was dim and rang with silence; no one else was home. I could feel such an overwhelming pressure on me. The wickedness of my sin and the desolate eternity that awaited me seemed so great. By the time I reached my room, my eyes were brimming with tears. I stood staring at the floor, thinking about the God of the universe and my closest friend, whom I was sure God would save and make a great woman of God. It was in that moment that God made the security of eternal salvation clear to me. No Bible verses came to my mind; no other person guided me but the Holy Spirit. May 5, 2005, I knelt down and asked God to forgive me of my sins and to save me. That day, God gave me assurance of my salvation. The next day at school, Meagan shared with me that she had dedicated her life to Christ the day before; and I told her how I had also done the same and now had the assurance of salvation. Together, Meagan and I faithfully attended church through the bus ministry.

Since that time, God has allowed me to serve in the bus ministry of my church, grow in grace, and experience life at West Coast Baptist College. After a time of falling away, He has given me more grace to grow, a wonderful fiancé, and the opportunity to serve in the Lompoc Valley Baptist Church.

My name is Chelsey, and I’m a bus kid.


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