Daisy Reyes


I’m Daisy and I’m a bus kid.

At first, my parents used the bus as a free baby-sitting service, sending me as a four-year old girl each week with my older brother. Little did they know that this free babysitting service would change our family’s lives forever. My mom was saved when soul winners came by during Saturday morning visitation. My Dad was saved in the home of a church member. Within five years, our family of four was driving in faithfully to church.

In 1992, my dad became the Spanish Pastor at NVBC and in 2001, God moved them to start a Spanish church, where they have served ever since. My bus kid brother, married another young lady who was reached by the bus ministry of North Valley, and he now serves as a deacon and youth pastor in his church.

God led me to marry someone who also grew up going to church on a bus every week. However, his parents were Rudy and Linda Reyes, faithful members who rode the bus as the captain and driver for more than 27 years. A bus kid married the son of a bus captain.

My life would have turned out very differently had it not been for the bus ministry. I was just a little four-year old girl who had nothing to offer the church, but they believed that everyone needed to hear about Christ. Their giving and loving changed my family and our future forever.

I’m Daisy Reyes and I’m a bus kid.

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