Pastor Steve Brown

I am a pastor of a Baptist church in Livonia, Michigan. In high school I met a young girl that later became my wife. She was reached through the bus ministry and invited me to church where I heard the gospel. I was saved at the age of 17 after hearing the gospel at her church.

We have been married now for 35 years and have raised five children. All are saved and in church and three are in full-time ministry. Our two daughters are married to full-time pastors in Virginia, and our youngest son and his wife are on deputation to be missionaries to the country of Liechtenstein where there are currently no Bible Believing Baptist Churches. Our eldest son is in the Air Force in Germany with his family and is involved in youth and song leading ministries. All this would not have been possible had it not been for a local church bus ministry and faithful bus workers that picked up my wife as a young girl. I too would have probably not been reached.

I attended and graduated from Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1983 and have pastored now for 30 years. God has truly been good to our family and much of it is due to the bus ministry.

I am Pastor Steve Brown and my wife and family were helped by the Bus Ministry!


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