Shirley Davis

Shirley Davis

My name is Shirley and I’m a ten-year old bus kid. I live in a run-down apartment building in Hammond, Indiana. Our family just moved here from Tennessee, looking for work. My dad gets drunk a lot and it scares me when he hits my mommy.

Really, the only good thing that has happened to me lately is when Mr. Clark knocked on my door a few months ago and invited me to come to church on the bus. Me and my four brothers and sisters have been going with our friends from the neighborhood.

My new pastor, Jack Hyles, came to the Vacation Bible School that I went to last month. He told the story how he grew up in a poor home with a dad who got drunk a lot and hit his mommy. His story sounded so much like mine. It was amazing. Then, he told us how he got saved and asked us if we wanted to accept Christ. I raised my hand. He asked us to come stand by him if we raised our hand, but I was too scared. He kept waiting and waiting while the piano played. Finally, I went forward and Pastor Hyles took me and my best friend through the Roman’s Road and I was saved. My life is so much better now – all because a bus came to pick me up, just a poor little girl from a drunk’s home.

That was many years ago now. Since that wonderful day, I’ve graduated from high school, from Bible college, and married a man, Dr. Wally Davis, who would pastor several churches and become a powerful preacher for God’s glory before he went to Heaven in 2003. I have served God for decades now, and both of our daughters and their families are involved in the ministry at North Valley.

All because a pastor and a people loved the bus kids.

I’m Shirley Davis and I’m a bus kid.