Vincent Williams

Williams Family

In the early 1970′s, I was one of six children living on my parent’s dairy farm in upstate, Sherburne, New York. We were a poor family living way out in the country. I remember the Sunday night baths we would take to be ready for school the next day. That was the only time we would bathe aside from the occasional journey to the creek after we bailed hay. We were all stinky little children.

One day, a bus worker from Norwich, New York, came and asked my parents if we could come to church with them. My parents were more than willing to get rid of us on Sundays for a little rest and quiet time. I remember getting physically pushed out the door—my parents angry and screaming for us to get on the bus. After church, I remember reluctantly getting back on the bus to have to come back home! We hated going, but loved it when we got there and hated coming back. At the age of eight, I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. We moved to Florida five years later.

After joining the Air Force, I eventually got back into church. I had bus routes of my own and saw hundreds of children saved. Some of those children are now missionaries and pastors. I have been serving the Lord regularly since 1985.

We ran a bus route in Biloxi, Mississippi, for quite a number of years—the area that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. We also ran a servicemen center for 10 years at Keesler Air Force Base out of our home church. In that time, we saw at least 18 servicemen that were later to enter full-time ministry. Some are missionaries and pastors today.

For the past eight years I have been Associate Pastor/Pastor near Fort Drum, New York, reaching the Army of that base. During this time, we have also worked with Amazing Grace Missions in fair ministries and have seen multitudes saved. I am the editor of the “Independent Baptist Church Locator” website, which assists in helping people find churches in their travels and when they move. All this because of a bus ministry that was willing to travel out into the country and pick up some very stinky farm kids.

Thank you bus workers for your love and dedication. It is worth it all.


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