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Bus Ministry

Do you also have a personal story about the bus ministry that you would like to share with us?

Feel free to send us your own bus ministry stories and testimonies.

4 Responses to "Tell Us Your Story"

  1. I was invited to church when I was 9 years old I didn’t know what church was or who Jesus was I honestly only went because the lady who had invited me for a couple years said we would get donuts if we rode. I rode the bus to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pontiac Mi. Dr. Tom Malone Sr. was the pastor. The people were so nice to me and made me feel welcome they took me to a room where they told me about heaven and hell and about a Savior who died on the cross for my sins I asked Jesus to save me every Saturday they would come to my house when I was older they asked me if I would like to go out on Saturday and help them so I did I absolutely loved it. As a child if I was in trouble my parents wouldn’t let me go to church because I loved going. I met my husband there and we have been married almost 38 years :) my husband still has a bus route. I prayed for my dad for 30 years and one day in 1992 Dr. Malone went to his house and sweetly led him to the Lord (my dad had thrown people off his porch for trying to witness to him) then in 2003 my mother asked Jesus to save her. The Bus Ministry still works!!!!!!! :)

  2. Our church is in beginning stages of a first time bus ministry. We voted to purchase first 60 passenger bus the church has ever owned in its 150 year history. The video you have provided will be shown this Sunday AM (July 30.) I have been very actively involved in bus ministries as a college student and then pastor at previous church. The people are eager from what they have heard from my testimonies. They are however very anxious about how it will all work. Thanks for the video. We will give details as this ministry here unfolds.

    Keith Wall, Pastor (less than 1 year.)
    Davis, First Baptist Church (NC)

  3. Thank you for taking the time to make the video about bus ministry. What a blessing!

  4. Remember North Valley Baptist Church! Anyone else ride that bus!? Excited about the pizza, games, and gifts they would give! I started going when I was 8 yrs old. A lost little girl w/ TONS of family issues. Living in the “hood” who saw and did things I was not supposed to. You would knock on the door during the week! I would say don’t come Sunday I’m not going! Sunday morning at 9 am the North Valley Baptist Church bus was in front of my house and you were at the door saying “Anniesa get dressed I’ll wait please come to church” Little did I know Miss Charity would be such and great big sister and sow in me the word of God!
    This letter was written in 2003. I was about 10/11 yrs old she was done with college and went back home! She remembered the lost girl, God called her to help and guide and sent me a letter (a few actually). But this one means a lot. I BLESS you Miss Charity I wish there was a way to get In contact with you now!
    I’m nowhere near perfect, I am not the best disciple of the Lord. I fail Him every day! But I try my best!
    I LOVE Him like no other! I hope to be able to impact 1 person’s life any person but especially youth! The way you impacted mine! Always putting God in the forefront.
    Miss Charity, I bless the Lord for your life! I bless you and yours. Praying to reconnect with you and for you to see the fruits of your work! The reap of what you sowed! And the Miracle of God!
    All the Sunday school songs, all the bus songs, all the words of wisdom, all the verses weren’t in vain!
    I was never like the rest! I never FULLY fit in with my childhood friends no matter how much I tried! And it wasn’t because of the color of my skin or because Spanish wasn’t my first language! (Although at the time I may have thought so)
    Now I know it was because God had a different plan for me!
    Gosh, I can go on and on about how good He is and what he has saved me from!
    There is NO doubt God knew what He was doing!
    Isaiah 40:8 New King James Version
    The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”


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