Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica Rodriguez

I was five years of age when I started riding the church bus at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. My mom, stepdad and I had moved to California in October 1990, and that very weekend Mrs. Boise knocked on my door and invited me to church.

I did not grow up in a Christian home; in fact it was very much the opposite. My parents were daily putting drugs and alcohol into their bodies, and I was dealing with physical abuse from my stepdad. Riding the church bus and going to church every week was my haven. Although my parents did not attend faithfully, I am glad they attended one time where they heard the gospel and were saved.

I am beyond blessed for the life God has given me and for those who have invested in my life. My husband (who was also reached in the bus ministry) and I now have the wonderful opportunity to serve in the bus ministry and the children’s ministry at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. We now look forward to see how God will use us to reach children for Christ.


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