My name is Velvet and I’m 25 years old. I grew up in an abusive, alcoholic and drug-infested home. My mom insisted that my siblings and I go to church so that she was free to go and do as she pleased. My safe haven quickly became…

Pastor Steve Brown

Pastor Brown

I am a pastor of a Baptist church in Livonia, Michigan. In high school I met a young girl that later became my wife. She was reached through the bus ministry and invited me to church where I heard the gospel. I was saved at the age of 17 after hearing the gospel at her church.

Hazel Tolosa

Church Bus

In the 1960′s, I was a bus kid from Spring Lake, Michigan. I had moved to the small town and didn’t know anyone. The girl down the street invited me to ride with her to church and I went and was welcomed.

Pastor Chris Armer

Pastor Chris Armer

I grew up in low-income trailer parks and apartments in Louisiana. My mother didn’t go to church but wanted to see her two boys go. My mom’s friend told her about a bus that took her own young daughter to church. That next Sunday, we rode that church bus to the First Baptist Church in Bossier City.

Lynn Hileman

Lynn Hileman

My name is Lynn Hileman; and in 1973, in Hudson, New Hampshire, a bus worker knocked on our door. I was thirteen years old at the time. My brothers and sister started riding the bus to Tabernacle Baptist Church in nearby Litchfield. My mother soon started attending but drove to church instead. My father, whose mother was a Jehovah’s Witness, was slow to come with us—until, that is, the bus broke down in front of our house three Sundays in a row!