Andrew Rodgers

Andrew RogersMy mom was in the US Army and got married. She had my older brother, but when they found out that I was on the way, her husband left Mom, Chris and me (still unborn).

Mom realized she could not take care of us both and still serve in the army, so she was discharged and moved to Chico, California. She did her best to raise Christopher and me. She was unsaved, so there was not any Godly influence in our lives.

In 1993, while Mom was giving Chris and me a bath, there was a knock at the door. As mom went to see who was there, Chris and I managed to sneak our way past mom and the people at the door (still dressed for the bath!). We ran out the door and headed toward the playground To make a long story short, the guys at the door helped catch my brother and me; and when everything had calmed down, the guy invited us to ride the church bus to Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Mom was not planning on giving it a second thought, but Chris and I bugged her to death! We wanted to ride the bus and get some candy.

She finally gave in and said we could go….but only if she came too. We started to ride the bus faithfully; and, soon after, Mom was saved. The name of the bus captain was Mr. Eugene Rodgers. He later married my mom and became my dad. Ever since then, I have been serving in the bus ministry. I have surrendered my life to the mission field of Vanautu, and I am now attending Bethel Baptist College in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

I’m Andrew, and I’m a bus kid.

3 Responses to "Andrew Rodgers"

  1. It’s amazing how God can change a life and make it into what He wants it to be. I am thankful that He changed my life and is using my son in such a great way. Someday he will serve God as a missionary in Vanautu.

  2. Your testimony is a blessing. I sat and wept while reading. I have been praying for Vanautu for many years. I have never known of a missionary there, only that they need to hear the gospel. You are an answer to prayer. Thank God for your commitment to serve Him.

  3. Hey Andrew, you in jacksonville, hit me up sometime. I haven’t seen you in 13 years. Remember that time you were on the bus and you kept winning the pickle eating contests? Man, you were good!! It’s a blessing that your in church too. Remember that kid who was bald too- chinese mr. clean! hahaha good times.


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