Jerry White

When I was 14 years-old, a bus captain knocked on my family’s door and led my mom to Christ. Every week, bus workers would come and invite my family to church, but we would give them a new excuse every week. They were persistent so, finally, we came one Sunday…

4 Responses to "Jerry White"

  1. Wow, Jerry, your testimony is really heart touching and encouraging! You probably don’t remember me, but thats ok, I just happened to see a link to hear your testimony and it really made my day!!!! That’s so wonderful to hear how far you’ve come!!!

  2. Yep Sarahmae, you and me both! We are both proud of you Jer’

  3. Whoa man you’ve grown ten fold! Good thing that afro is gone. I remember dunking and posterizing you too! I knew you’d be someone special one day. Its good that you are smiling more often too. I guess my words really helped you- remember I told you to look to the stars always.

  4. Jerry!
    Such a blessing to hear your testimony. Keep on going for the Lord! You will never regret it :)


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